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Time and Synchronization Theory

Dr. Kishan Shenoi, the CTO of Qulsar, is a well known expert in the area of synchronization and timing. He is named on 41 patents and has many publications to his credit, including two books — Synchronization and Timing in Telecommunications (2009) and Digital Signal Processing in Telecommunications (1995).

PTP (part 1)

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PTP (part 2)

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Clock Metrics: MTIE & TDEV

Dr. Kishan Shenoi explains maximum time interval error (MTIE) and time deviation (TDEV).

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Clock Metrics: MTIE

Dr. Kishan Shenoi describes Maximum Time Interval Error (MTIE) measurement.

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PLL Filtering

Dr. Kishan Shenoi addresses "PLL filtering".

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Time Error

Dr. Kishan Shenoi provides a tutorial on "time error."

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Time Error & Time Interval Error

Dr. Kishan Shenoi addresses the difference between "time error" and "time interval error".

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Time Error & Time Interval Error

What is phase noise?

Dr. Kishan Shenoi answers the frequently asked question, "What is phase noise?"

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